Thursday, July 28, 2011

1 Year Natural

July 9 marked my 1 year Nappiversary and I’m so excited to reach this milestone. This past year overall has been a good one in regards to my hair. However, the last couple of months I started to experience some frustration which I talk about in my “Hair Woes” post.

Overall, my hair is the healthiest and longest it’s ever been before which I contribute to improving bad hair habits. Notice I did not say my hair is healthier because I’m natural. You can have healthy long relaxed hair but the natural route is the better option for me. Transitioning to natural forced me to change my mind set and learn my hair’s needs.

Now, have I learned everything I need to know about my hair within one year? No, there is still a lot I need to learn and document throughout my journey. Even though I had a short “thought” of relaxing my hair I’m still happy with my decision. The thought I had was basically out of pure frustration; the frustration built up because I strayed from the basics which I will talk about later in this post.

Within the last year I’ve noticed that my hair is curlier and I love it. Another observation is my hair needs water more than once a week. Since I workout 3-4 times a week my hair needs more water due to sweat. However, since my hair is highly porous I make sure to use a ph balanced conditioner to help close the cuticle and lock in moisture.

As a way to celebrate I’ve included pics from over the past year and list of tips learned for my hair. Please forgive me for the late anniversary post: life happened. Enjoy!!

1. No matter what stick to the basics!

a. What are the basics (for my hair)? Water and a ph balanced conditioner to seal in moisture by closing the cuticle

2. Low manipulation styles are my friend

3. Since “this” product works for me why try a new one

4. Patience is a virtue!!

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