Monday, June 6, 2011

Hair Woes…

It’s common to experience frustration with your natural hair. During my transitioning phase I was able to avoid my hair “woes”. Now that I’m embarking on 1 year natural the frustration with my hair is starting to build up. Oh where do I start with my hair rant? The frustration is in every aspect of my hair from length, thickness, shrinkage, battling the frizz, to finding the right product(s). At this point I just want to enjoy my hair but I feel like I cannot. On one hand I want to wear my hair free but on the other hand I need to wear protective styles to retain length. Right now I’m trying to find a healthy balance but it’s hard when the weather is battling against me. The humidity in TX is unbelievable and I’m having the hardest time finding the right products to help with the frizz.

Now I’m constantly learning new things about my hair and documenting the process but at what point will “everything” just click for me. Please do not be alarmed but I truly thought about just relaxing my hair. Seriously!! Then I thought about how limp and lifeless my hair was, the money spent on relaxers, and not to mention the countless hours in a hair salon! What’s the point?! At the end of the day I decided to stay on my natural journey and get back to the basics. For me, moisture and making sure to restore my hair’s ph balance is essential. But every now and then I sway away from the basics after viewing or reading an awesome product review. At some point, like now, I need to get it together in order to reach my bsl goal in December. *sigh*

With all that said I still love my natural hair and just needed to vent. Thanks for reading and sticking with me on this journey!!

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