Monday, April 4, 2011

Straight Hair inspired by my Mom

Two weeks ago my mom sent me a picture of her hair after she flat ironed. She retained so much length and her hair is growing nicely. Inspired by her picture I decided to flat iron but I wasn’t too impressed with the results. The night before I deep condition with honey and glycerin mixed with my fav conditioner. The results were amazing and the mix really made my curls pop. The straightening experience I didn’t really like.

My ends need a much needed trim but I’m not too concern right now. I’ll trim my hair the next time I flat iron at the end of the year. This time around I really hope my curls revert because I used a new product as a heat protectant. Until I wash I plan to enjoy the straight hair for now. Today I decided to rock a braid out on dry hair using my Shea butter inspired by my “Butter-n-braids” post. The next morning I was really pleased with the results but by the time I got to work all the curls was gone. Humidity is a beast I tell you and I have to learn how to tame it. Thank goodness I grabbed a couple of bobby pins and a flower before leaving the house.

Since I wear protective styles Monday thru Friday I’ll like to wear a curly style on the weekends. Sad to say but I may need to result to an oldie but goodie that worked for my relaxed hair. This product I’m sure contains mineral oil but since I wash weekly I’m not too concern. Expect a review/update later on the product and results.

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