Monday, April 11, 2011

Eye opening experience on Hair Porosity

Last month when I flat ironed my hair I was really worried about heat damage for some reason. My intent was to wear my hair straight for two weeks but between working out and dry hair I decided to wash after a week. Luckily for me my hair reverted with no problem. However, I had a discovery about hair porosity during my short stint with straight hair.

After research I discovered the sink or swim test for measuring porosity. Unfortunately my hair sunk which means my hair is overly porous. Overly porous hair means the cuticle layer is raised and moisture is released quickly because the cuticle is not closed causing dryness and frizz.

Since I could not retain the moisture in my hair I ventured to Sally’s for a new product. While there I did not buy anything because a lot of products have alcohol in it and my natural hair hate it. Now I’m not an ingredient Nazi but alcohol definitely dries my hair out. As I walked up and down the aisles looking for a “miracle” product I thought to myself “I need to just keep it simple. I know what my hair loves….water. Why am I here?”

On the ride home many thoughts ran thru my head about what works with my hair. Now I have to admit that my conditioner mix was dropped by the waist side simply due to laziness. Since I ran out of kinky curly knot today I didn’t want to pay $12 to buy it again which stopped me from making my mix. But something had to be done to get my hair on track and make my length goal at the end of the year. At the same time, I want to enjoy the length that I have but the summer is coming and humidity is a beast in Texas. Until the dryness and frizz problem is conquered hair freedom is not in the immediate future.

After learning about hair porosity I “reinvented” my conditioner mix in a spray form. The answer for me was that I needed to close my hair cuticle in order to retain the moisture. A ph of 5 usually does the trick for my hair. This lesson about porosity and my battle with retaining moisture was an eye opening experience for me. Thank goodness I had this discovery early because down the road I could have experienced a setback.


Anonymous said...

thanks ms.harmony.

Ms. Harmony said...

You are welcome! Thanks for commenting!