Thursday, October 29, 2009

3 Week Fitness Challenge

On November 21 I’m attending a benefit dinner with the main man in my life, Jeremy. This is the perfect time to set another short term fitness goal to keep myself motivated.

Duration: October 28-November 20
Start weight (October 28) - 144lbs
Goal weight (by November 20)- 138lbs (down 6lbs)

Routine (minimum)
2x wk cardio 1 hour (any order)
20 minutes stair master
20 minutes treadmill
20 minutes elliptical

2x wk 40 Minute Full Body workout (

Meal Plans
Stick to meal plan given by Nutritionist. Only 1 night for happy hour within next 3 weeks Prepare meals every week: breakfast, lunch, and dinner Maintain food journal for review at conclusion Wish me luck!!

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