Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work'n Twist-Out!!

Last weekend I decided to take out my mini twists and give my hair a good co-wash using my clarifying conditioner. Since the weather is nice this week with moderate humidity I decided to take advantage and wear my hair out. Today is day 2 of my twist out after two very hard Insanity workouts!

This is how I wore my hair during my workout. The scarf is to help soak up the sweat from my roots. The twists are in a ponytail to help with shrinkage and keep the ends of my twists away from my body. Normally by the time I get showered and fully dressed my roots are dry and hair ready to be fluffed. This morning I needed a little assistance from my blow dryer to help dry my roots. The workout this morning was INSANE!

 On day 1 I did not fluff or separate my hair much in order to stretch out my style. This morning I fluffed just a little and did not use my pick to lift my roots. I want to keep as much definition as possible to last the rest of the week.
 Since the Insanity workouts are really intense I retwist my hair at night. The retwisting is only with a little oil on my hands: no water for spritzing or additional product added. My hair is still very moisturized from using my conditioner mix.
The goal is to see how long I can stretch my twistout. Next month me and my honey are going to Chicago and I really want to sport my curls. However, I do not want to worry about re-styling my hair 3 days within our trip.

Now compare this pic to the pic above and you see that on day 2 of this twist out I have more shrinkage. The slight humidity outside and the damp roots this morning contribute to my shrinkage. But, I don't mind the shrinkage just as long as my hair is cute.

Hope you all are doing well!!


Dee O. said...

GREAT twist out! I love the results


Ms. Harmony said...

Thank you!! I'm glad you stopped by!!

Tiffaney Odewale said...

Hi Ms Harmony, I saw your post from 2010 on crochet braids. I have you done them recently? I would love to try them now and would like to find someone in Houston, TX. Are you in Houston? -Tiffaney

Ms. Harmony said...

Hi Tiffaney! No I have not had the crochet done since that post. Unfortunately, I do not do them myself. I'm sure you can go to any braid shop here in Houston. In order to shape the curls the way I wanted them I watch a video on you tube from AfricanExport. Hope that helps!!