Monday, April 2, 2012

Accidental Mini Twists…I’m in love

As you know with my busy lifestyle and workout regiment co-washing my hair and wearing twists and twist-outs have become a staple. After co-washing I twist my hair in medium/large twists to wear my hair in a ponytail to air dry. Within a day or two I take the twists down and wear a twist-out.
Well about a week ago rain was predicted for the entire week so I decided to wear my twists smaller. The smaller the twist the longer the twists will last and make for a better looking ponytail without all the parts. While twisting in smaller sections I ended up with mini twists that I absolutely love.
Unlike most naturals it took me only an hour and half to twist my whole head. Why, because I have naturally thin hair. My hair was divided into four sections and I started with the back and worked my way to the sides and front. Honestly, I never thought about wearing mini twists because of my hair’s thinness but I love them. To me my hair looks really nice and full, plus, the twists are very versatile.
This style is perfect for my workouts and wearing them in a pony tail helps to stretch them. Unless I just really want to wear my hair out, this will take the place as my staple style for the summer. So far it’s only been four days and I plan to see how long they will last. At this point I’ll settle for two weeks of wear out of them.
As far as maintenance, I will maintain my normal routine. However, I may alter how I co-wash in order to prevent the twists from unraveling. Despite what happens I will keep you guys posted.
Ciao for now!!


Funbi said...

Your twists look absolutely gorgeous sis!!


Ms. Harmony said...

Awwww you are too kind. Thanks so much! Minitwists are something I admire on other naturals from afar. Now that I'm comfortable sporting them myself I'm hooked! Thanks for stopping by!!