Monday, June 6, 2011

Fitness Woes…

*sigh* Yes I start this post off with a DEEP sigh! Where do I start?! As you know I workout at home; a couple of months ago I completed the INSANITY workout series. Due to the lack of progress after completing the 60 days I simply stopped working out. Seriously?! If you are not familiar with INSANITY please search it on you tube. If I was unable to receive my desired results using this program what is the point of working out. Now there is NOTHING wrong with the INSANITY program, it’s me! The program comes with a nutrient guide and I followed the guide around 90%. However, the menu guide was comparable to my current eating style. Honestly, I’m not sure what went wrong with the program. I just do not know.

Since being on the fitness hiatus it’s time to get back on the band wagon. Fortunately, I did not gain any weight in the last 2 months. So I’m trying something different and switching up my workout time. Instead of working out in the evenings after work I decided to work out in the mornings before work. Another change is I’m taking my workouts outside to the park. Today only makes 4 days on this new routine. For now I’m going to give myself 21 days to decide how I really feel about these new changes. But I will say that getting my workouts over with early is very convenient! If any of you prefer to work out in the morning please leave a comment!!

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