Thursday, December 16, 2010

Workout and Weight Loss/Gain Update

The week after Thanksgiving is when I fell off my workout plan. Unfortunately, I gained an extra 3 pounds over Thanksgiving and fighting now to get it off. For some this may seem minuscule but as you know for the last 6 months I’ve battled a plateau. Finally, I bust through my plateau with a weight gain: NOT ACCEPTABLE. However, I can only blame myself because I decided to indulge on Thanksgiving Day but not the case for Christmas.

Currently, I’m switching my workouts up daily between Kettlebell Training and cardio workouts from Next month I plan to start a 30 day challenge and more details to come. It’s definitely time to “beef” up my workouts and I plan to start with the challenge. If you are not familiar please check out the website! Until next time stay healthy!!

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