Thursday, December 16, 2010

Braidout on Dry Hair

In order to keep the flat irons out my head daily I decided to try a braid out on my dry hair. A couple of days before straightening my hair I found ORS Hair Pudding. For this style I used Neutrogena Tripple Moisture leave in and the Hair Pudding for braiding. Afterwards, I used EVCO to take the braids down.

Here is my hair braided up the night before. Also, I did not spritz my hair to avoid conversion.

Here is my hair afterwards. The pudding didn't provide a hold and gave my hair some definition. However, my hair felt very moisturized.

Here are pictures of my hair later in the day. As you can see the definition is gone which I knew will happen. To prepare I brought bobby pins and an ouchless band to pull my hair up. However, I decided to rock my afro puff proudly!

Tonight I will try the braid out again and give details later. Chao!

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