Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kettlebell Training

 The best way to blast thru a plateau and burn fat is to switch up your workouts. Recently, I have experimented with Kettlebell Training. It is amazing and I love it! My favorite fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, has a workout DVD specifically for Kettlebells. A kettlebell puts you in the mindset of a bowling ball with a handle. The kettlebell comes in different weights starting from 5lbs and higher. This form of training was originally invented by the Russians for strength training and flexibility.

There are many benefits to this form of training such as: strength training, conditioning (athletes), muscle endurance, and aerobic training. Majority of the exercises performed with a kettlebell can be substituted with a dumbbell. However, when using a kettlebell your whole body is forced into motion which results in a full body workout.

Jillian Michaels’ DVD is great because she incorporates cardio exercises with the kettlebell training for maximum fat burn. Her DVD has beginner and advance workout levels. She also has a tutorial for proper form and use of the kettlebell to avoid injury. This DVD and form of training is highly recommended if you want to switch up your workout.


Kettledepot said...

It is nice to see that a sister has found how Kettlebells can help to improve health. I wish more of us could learn this.


Ms. Harmony said...

Thank you! I'm really enjoying working out with them.