Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Comments Matter!!

This post is dedicated to all my followers. Let me say thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Secondly, for the positive feed back!! All my posts are based on my experiences, research, and random thoughts I want to share. A lot of your comments have helped me make decisions and I learn from you guys.

For example, after my big chop I wore afro puffs or my infamous twist-n-bun to work. Then I just focused on my twist-n-bun because it’s a protective style that lasts during my work outs. Well I started to have mixed feelings about not wearing my afro puffs and exposing my natural hair. Honestly, I toggled with the idea of wearing my natural hair out instead of protective styles. Well my confirmation came within the comments section of my “hair update”  post:

his hers said...

Congrats on your BC!! It looks like you are a little longer than I was when I BC on Christmas 2008. I can't wait to see more updates!! Take advantage of protective styles as much as possible, even if just during the week to give your hair a break, it helped me out not only with growth but retaining it!

A big THANK YOU to Lo from “his hers” for giving me the confirmation I needed. Now I wear protective styles during the week and wear my hair out on the weekends: giving me the best of both worlds. Again, thank you to all the ladies for supporting my blog!!

Sporting my afro puff at my cousin's baby shower.

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