Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2yrs 100% Natural

July 9th marked my two nappiversary and the day came and went without me noticing which is why this post is late. These last few months have been loaded with “life” events that I missed the day. Yet, I’m excited to have reached 2years natural and 3.5 years relaxer free. As you know I transitioned for 16 months before cutting all the relaxed ends. Each of the last two years has been very different for my hair.
Year 1
During this year I was totally obsessed with length. Reaching APL was the highlight of my life, at the time, because my hair never grew passed my shoulders. Also during this year I had a strict, die hard regiment and wore protective styles 90% of the time. This is when the obsessions reared their evil heads. The first obsession started with length and having to keep up with length checks.
Year 2
This past year I was still a little obsessed with length BUT the obsession branched off to “desiring the perfect curl”. The perfect curl translates into the perfect braidout, twist out, wash n go, flat twist out, and any other curl defining method. Then the obsession started to transform into jumping on new product bandwagons.
Year 3
The goal for year 3 is to simply do less to my hair and enjoy the length accomplished thus far. No more length checks this year which is why the posts stopped. No more obsessing over having the perfect curl. Frizz was the enemy and I refused to embrace it not understanding that a little frizz can add character to your style. Now don’t get me wrong having a big frizz ball on top of my head is never the desired look. However, a little frizz on day 3 hair is not the end of the world; making it ok to stretch to day four and wear a pin up.

1wk post bc

As far as products, STOP JUMPING ON BANDWAGONS!! Water, conditioner, eco-style gel (Argon Oil) and cocoa nut oil are the only products that will penetrate my hair for now. The less I do the more my hair thrives and that’s what I have to constantly remind myself.
Last but definitely not least, I plan to enjoy my hair out in its full glory as often as I want.
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